iM-Magic Partition Resizer Server 2.6.3

The IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server is designed for people to safely shrink or extend computer drive partition space when your computer partition is running out of space or gets low disk space error messages. It also helps repartition computer hard drive when your drive partitions are improperly divided.

Moreover, in daily use, it also help copy, delete, format, wipe, move or manage computer hard drive partitions without losing any important files. Overall, it is worth trying to manage your computer hard drive partitions perfectly.
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Wow where do I begin? Having used a ton of partition programs over the years ( 15) and currently running 10 - 3 tb drives on my home computer ( yes I am a supergeek) I can't believe anyone would pay $159 for this program when there are far better...
Bob, 02.05.2016, 21:03